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To define it as "study of mankind in the ordinary business of life" is surely too broad.To define it as the study of material wealth is too narrow.経済学を”日常の生活活動における人間の研究”と定義するのは、あまりにおおまかすぎる。物質的富と選択の研究と定義するのは、限定しすぎる。説得の心理技術 (著者:デイブ・ラクハニ)販売価格:3,700円(税抜)販売条件:90日間返金保証送  料:無料人気ブログランキン...


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おはようございます!The separation of the institutions of learning from others in society would appear to provide the ideal physical climate for the mental task of separation from society that the theorist sets himself. But even this physical separation cannot render possible the ideal theorist.There is no escape from the ideological relations that are part of any society.学問とういう制度を社会の...